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Divorce And Special-Needs Children

Consult With Kara K. Egwuatu, A Compassionate Family Law Attorney In Sugar Land

The court understands that children with special needs often require unique solutions in a divorce. There are provisions in the Texas family code to provide for families with special-needs children. Make sure you have a lawyer on your side who understands the options available to your family.

As a Texas family law attorney, attorney Kara K. Egwuatu has been using her knowledge and experience to protect Texas families for more than 10 years. She understands what options are available to meet the needs of each family and what she can do to protect your rights.


To receive special consideration for your child in a divorce, you have to demonstrate to the court that your child has special needs and that his or her challenges mean additional monthly costs for your family. You want to provide your child with the best care possible. Kara K. Egwuatu will work very hard to ensure that the court does everything it can to help you do just that.


Kara K. Egwuatu encourages collaborative law in many cases, including those involving special-needs children. You want to meet the needs of everyone in your family and pursuing a collaborative approach will allow you to tailor a unique plan to meet your needs. The process also allows both parents to demonstrate their deep feelings for their child and helps many families understand what is needed for their children now and in the future.

It is hard for parents to remain objective when their children are involved, especially when one of those children has special needs. Attorney Egwuatu will do everything she can to help you come up with a solution that puts your child first. Send an email inquiry to her Sugar Land offices today to learn more.

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