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When There Are Significant Assets In A Divorce

Texas Attorney Handles Significant Asset Property Division Cases

The more assets you own, the more you have at risk in your divorce. People with significant assets, whether they are concerned with real property or investments, want a lawyer they can trust. Not all lawyers are prepared to handle the complexities of high-asset divorce, so make sure you have someone with the necessary resources and experience.

Attorney Kara K. Egwuatu in Sugar Land understands the complexities of divorce involving marital estates of extensive net worth. As your lawyer, she will provide you with honest answers and real options geared at reaching a realistic solution.


Affluent and powerful individuals often use their influence to cope with critical matters that will affect their lives. However, when you experience divorce, power and influence are not the only factors that will be effective in family court. Whether you are the spouse who has generated sizable assets or the spouse who is more financially dependent, you need sophisticated legal counsel. If you want real solutions, you have to understand how to best build your case through the experience of a seasoned litigator.

Attorney Egwuatu is ready to sit down with you face to face and listen to your concerns to better understand the outcome you seek. By setting realistic expectations and providing honest answers, she will assist you in developing a strategy for obtaining your goal. The path to an equitable distribution of assets may present obstacles. When a marital estate is complex, the outcome can greatly affect your financial status for the rest of your life.

A key issue in complex divorce is to properly characterize your assets. Ms. Egwuatu and her staff may use valuation experts who can help appraise trusts and separate property and perform business valuations. Together they will help you classify all assets into divisible and nondivisible assets, including but not limited to:

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Real properties/real estate
  • Businesses and business interests


While all families going through divorce face similar challenges, there is much more at stake in an extensive net worth divorce. Kara K. Egwuatu is comfortable taking an aggressive stance on behalf of her clients and she will do whatever it takes to protect your rights. Contact her today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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