New Year And New Divorces In Texas

POSTED IN Divorce ON September 19, 2023

With the New Year comes an opportunity to improve one’s life. Those involved in unhappy marriages often file for a divorce shortly after the holiday season. During this time of increased divorces, it is especially important to shield children from the stresses that the divorce may cause.


When the holiday season approaches, many people are able to slow down and take time away from work. They focus on family and happiness instead of what task is next. Unfortunately, in doing this, many couples realize that they are unhappy in their personal lives.

Many couples contemplating a change stay together for the holiday season but then push forward with plans for divorce immediately after. The reasons for divorce are varied, from Internet and social networking, which can lead to infidelity or couples simply drift apart.


When divorce is discussed as a solution to the problems in a marriage, there are certain suggestions that one should consider in order to make the divorce procedure a much smoother one.

When it comes to children, discussing the matter with them openly and honestly gives them the best insight into what is going on. When children are left uninformed, they may make up their own ideas as to what went wrong, and they could potentially blame themselves for the marriage’s demise. Showing that both sides support the child and discussing future issues such as child custody and visitation before talking to a divorce attorney can help the transition for all involved.

Cooperation between the parents in relation to the children helps the children with the transition of divorce. Children become stressed and feel tugged in two directions when parents are constantly fighting and saying bad things about each other. These emotional behaviors, although possibly completely legitimate, should be kept in private from the children.

Marriage or family counseling can also prove useful to the individuals involved. Through counseling, everyone is placed in a relaxed atmosphere to speak freely and address any concerns that they may have. It gives adults the opportunity to put everything on the table and children the chance to clue their parents in to what exactly they are going through.


Once the divorce has been set into place, many legal issues are at play, including child support, spousal support, division of marital property and child custody. These issues can quickly become complex and have many emotional strings attached. Working alongside a professional who handles these matters on a day-to-day basis can be extremely important and can help individuals see the bigger picture. Experienced family law attorneys provide support and can help individuals and families through the process of a divorce proceeding in a way that addresses all of their concerns.