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If Hidden Assets Are Complicating Your Divorce

Contact A Texas Attorney Skilled In Asset Discovery

If you are going through a divorce, do not put on blinders. Make sure you understand everything about your family’s source of income and bank accounts. Make sure you get accurate information about any 401(k), pension plan or any other form of retirement that is yours or your spouse’s. For example, look at credit card statements and track how money has been spent. Your financial future depends on it. Disclosure of all assets must occur to avoid penalty with the court.

Attorney Kara K. Egwuatu in Sugar Land has been protecting the rights of people going through divorce for more than 10 years. She has seen firsthand the extent that a spouse may hide assets and she knows what you can do to make sure you get accurate information about your family’s financial picture.

Discovering Hidden Assets For Inclusion In Your Divorce

The best time to conduct an investigation into your marital assets is when you are still married. As a spouse, you have access to the assets and liabilities of your partner. The sooner you take action to discover hidden assets, the easier it will be for you to find them. If substantial hidden assets become known after a divorce, litigation after the fact is possible, too.

There are several ways to conduct an investigation into the existence of hidden assets. Lawyer Kara K. Egwuatu can subpoena statements from bank accounts, credit cards and privately owned businesses.

Honest Guidance And Representation

While conducting a thorough investigation into potential hidden assets and liabilities can uncover important information, careful thought must be given before action is taken. Discovering hidden assets can require a substantial financial commitment to file the necessary paperwork and investigation for in-depth discovery. Taking a closer look at your personal financial situation, Kara K. Egwuatu will help you decide if looking into hidden assets is in your best interests. If so, she will not leave a single stone unturned. Complete the online intake form or place a phone call to the law firm to request a consultation and learn more.

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