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Divorce Resolutions Through Collaborative Law

No matter how it happens, a divorce is never an easy thing to go through. It is especially difficult when spouses feel forced to fight just to protect themselves.


Collaborative law is a fairly recent innovation that allows couples to sit down and talk about their differences with their attorneys and neutral financial and mental health advisers, instead of fighting them out in court. With extensive training and experience, attorney Kara K. Egwuatu can help you find a way to develop a customized divorce settlement. You and your spouse will have the opportunity to create your own agreement with the help of trained professionals in a non-confrontational way. Your fate does not need to be in the hands of a judge who is unfamiliar with your family and its needs or concerns.


Often, a courthouse is ill-equipped to handle a family law dispute. In many divorce cases, stress, pain and anger already run high for both spouses. When the adversarial nature of a trial is added to this mix, all of these feelings can intensify. This is especially devastating for families with children or for family members with disabilities.

As an alternative to litigation, a collaborative law case allows people to make every effort to prevent going to court. If a couple is willing to sit down with professionally trained individuals and negotiate the real issues at stake, the outcome is often better for them and their children.


Couples who use collaborative law typically attend an average of four to five meetings, each of which is two to three hours long. Spouses and their attorneys have the option of working with a mental health coordinator and a neutral financial consultant to aid them with their decisions. Collaborative law requires that the couple be honest with each other about assets, debts and property so that they may divide them equitably.

If you are unable to come to a satisfactory settlement through collaborative law, you may have to go to court. Attorney Kara K. Egwuatu is always prepared to find the approach that works best for her clients, including mediation or representation in court by a qualified attorney if it becomes necessary.


If you work with a collaborative law team designed to settle cases through informal negotiation, there are no limits to what plans you can come up with. It is a place for creativity to address all of your needs. Contact collaborative divorce attorney Kara K. Egwuatu to find out if this approach is right for you.

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